The Fundamentals of Wellness

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Discover the secrets to strength, longevity, and optimal health.

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This is for you if:


You're suffering from fatigue, brain fog, and weight gain.


You're tired of being misled by self-proclaimed internet health gurus.


Stress and poor sleep are destroying your work, habits, and relationships.


You want trusted medical and fitness experts who will ensure your success.


 What you'll get when you join:


• How to maximize sleep quality for wellness and recovery


• How to use posture and breathing to decrease stress and gain energy


• How to balance your essential minerals and nervous system


• How to use light in your environment to maximize sleep and performance


• How to create a sustainable diet that's optimized for your metabolism


• How to gain muscle and lose fat without destroying your body in the process


• Monthly live coaching calls with Dr. Stillman and Strength Coach Jim Laird

Why Fundamentals of Wellness?

Hi, Dr. Stillman here. 

After specializing in Internal Medicine in medical school, I chose to study holistic, natural, and functional medicine.

The reason is simple:

Modern medicine only focuses on treating symptoms.

And I'm not here to “treat” disease...

I'm here to cure it.

So whether you're struggling with a chronic illness...

Or want to increase your productivity and performance while getting stronger and feeling your best...

I can help you achieve the excellent health you deserve.


Now the choice is yours:


A) Keep struggling with fatigue, brain fog, and weight gain...

And getting crushed by stress that's robbing you of years of life...


B) Join us to learn our proven system for optimal health...

Developed by helping thousands of patients just like you.

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