How to become a patient at Dr. Stillman's practice

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The Initial Consultation Process

The first step to becoming a patient at Dr. Stillman's practice is to schedule a discovery call. This call aims to determine compatibility and discuss your health goals. It's an opportunity for both you and the practice to align on values and realistic expectations. This initial consultation is essential to ensure a strong foundation for your healthcare journey.

Practice Membership Evaluation

After the discovery call, you'll undergo a practice membership evaluation, which is priced at $95. This evaluation is designed to delve deeper into your health needs and goals. It's a crucial step to understand if Dr. Stillman's practice is the right fit for you, ensuring a personalized and effective healthcare approach.

Extensive Post-Membership Support

Once you become a member, Dr. Stillman's practice goes the extra mile to provide support. You'll have access to electronic records, easy appointment scheduling, and multiple staff members for comprehensive care. This emphasis on post-membership support demonstrates the practice's commitment to making your healthcare journey as smooth and effective as possible.

Transition to Membership-based Practice

The practice has transitioned to a membership-based model for various reasons, including offering upfront pricing and tailored memberships to align with individual health needs. This proactive approach aims to ensure patient satisfaction by emphasizing consistency and quality care. The membership model fosters sustainable healthcare relationships based on accountability and community engagement.

Programs and Memberships Offered

Dr. Stillman's practice offers a range of programs and memberships, designed to cater to different healthcare needs. The detailed Google sheet with program costs and inclusions allows for transparent and informed decision-making. Whether you're seeking intense initial care or long-term health support, the practice has tailored options to suit your requirements.

Efficient Patient Communication

The membership model allows for efficient and effective communication, ensuring quick answers to patient questions. This streamlined process is a testament to the practice's commitment to providing personalized care and support. It fosters inclusivity and dedicated time for each patient, enhancing the overall healthcare experience.

Challenges and Improvements

Dr. Stillman's practice acknowledges challenges with administrative tasks and onboarding, but is proactive in improving efficiency. The efforts to streamline administrative processes demonstrate a commitment to continually enhance the patient experience. Additionally, the practice encourages patients to indulge in outdoor activities for overall health benefits.


Becoming a patient at Dr. Stillman's practice signifies embarking on a healthcare journey grounded in genuine and honest services. The membership-based model ensures personalized care, consistent support, and a strong sense of community. By prioritizing patient needs and fostering accountable relationships, the practice sets a high standard for comprehensive and sustainable healthcare.

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