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The Role of Coaching in Holistic Medical Care

Coaching plays a pivotal role in integrative medicine, surpassing the significance of conventional treatments such as stem cells and peptides. It offers personalized guidance and support to individuals, addressing their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

The Crucial Elements: Accountability and Support

The presence of a coach or a supportive group is paramount for successful outcomes in healthcare. Accountability fosters commitment and adherence to healthy habits, while support provides a nurturing environment for growth and self-improvement.

Aiding Decision-Making for Longevity and Wellness

From daily routines to dietary choices, every decision impacts our health outcomes. It's essential to comprehend the trade-offs and make informed choices aligned with our wellness objectives. Additionally, factors like proximity to work and the abundance of choices in modern society have...

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How to become a patient at Dr. Stillman's practice

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The Initial Consultation Process

The first step to becoming a patient at Dr. Stillman's practice is to schedule a discovery call. This call aims to determine compatibility and discuss your health goals. It's an opportunity for both you and the practice to align on values and realistic expectations. This initial consultation is essential to ensure a strong foundation for your healthcare journey.

Practice Membership Evaluation

After the discovery call, you'll undergo a practice membership evaluation, which is priced at $95. This evaluation is designed to delve deeper into your health needs and goals. It's a crucial step to understand if Dr. Stillman's practice is the right fit for you, ensuring a personalized and effective healthcare approach.

Extensive Post-Membership Support

Once you become a member, Dr. Stillman's practice goes the extra mile to provide support. You'll have access to electronic records, easy appointment scheduling, and...

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Light Therapy for Cancer

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Unveiling the Potential of Light Therapy in Cancer Treatment

The realm of light therapy is abuzz with promise, particularly in the context of cancer treatment. Tom Cowen's 'Cancer and the New Biology of Water' sheds light on the profound connection between light, cells, and mitochondria in combatting cancer. Moreover, the detrimental impact of indoor living and artificial lighting on cancer rates is a pressing concern that cannot be overlooked. Let's delve deeper into the potential of light therapy in revolutionizing cancer treatment.

Illuminating the Link Between Light Exposure and Cancer Prevention

As we increasingly embrace an indoor lifestyle, the concerning decrease in natural light exposure has cast a shadow on cancer rates. Here, the insights from research emphasizing the supplementation of natural light with red and infrared light therapy panels or saunas offer a glimmer of hope. Simultaneously, the alarming classification of...

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HTMA Secrets: Learn the Secrets of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis


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Understanding the Levels of HTMA Secrets

HTMA Secrets offers three distinct levels, each with coaching calls, Q&A sessions, and comprehensive course modules. Level one serves as the foundation, with levels two and three further expanding upon the content and practice over the course of 12 weeks. It's a structured journey towards a deeper understanding of mineral balancing and its potential impact on overall well-being.

The Crucial Role of Retesting in HTMA

Consistency and commitment to retesting for mineral analysis are vital for tracking progress and adjusting nutrient recommendations based on individual needs. It's a dynamic process that allows for the validation of heavy metal elimination and the monitoring of changes in mineral levels, essential for understanding and assessing progress effectively.

Personalized Support and Testing with HTMA Secrets

HTMA Secrets goes beyond the conventional approach by offering personalized...

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How to improve your overall health

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The Power of Consistency and Basics

Consistency in self-care is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. By prioritizing basic habits like proper nutrition, adequate sleep, and physical activity, you pave the way for long-term health. Small, consistent efforts yield remarkable results over time.

Embracing Nature for Wellness

Spending time outdoors can work wonders for your emotional and mental health. Nature has a calming effect, allowing you to make better choices regarding your well-being. Incorporating outdoor time into your routine can uplift your mood and inspire better self-care practices.

Starting Small for Sustainable Changes

Don't overwhelm yourself with drastic transformations. Begin with manageable steps like taking daily walks or enjoying the sunshine. Slow and steady progress is more likely to stick in the long run, leading to lasting health benefits.

Nurturing Social Connections

Human connections play a vital role in overall...

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A little goes a long way

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Navigating the Challenges of Unreliable Internet

Jim's decision to relocate due to poor internet in Nicaragua highlights the impact of connectivity on business. Explore how moving near Granada can improve his work efficiency and productivity.

From Urban to Rural Living: Embracing Change

Discover Jim's transition from city life to a farm setting, showcasing his adaptation to the changing environment. Learn about the shift from having a pet dog to enjoying farm life surrounded by nature and fresh produce.

Exploring New Horizons: Cultural Immersion and Adventure

Follow Jim's excitement as he plans to immerse himself in Spanish lessons and explore mountain areas. Delve into his exploration of diverse locations and experiences for the next phase of his journey.

Mindful Living: A Path to Health and Wellness

Understand the importance of managing chronic stress through mindfulness practices. Learn how mindful breathing and disconnecting from...

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The Hidden Truth About Anti-Aging Medicine

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Longevity Legends: Fact or Fiction?

Stories of people living for centuries abound in history, but are they simply myths or could there be some truth behind them? Let's unravel the mystery.

Vanity's Role in Anti-Aging

The desire to maintain youthfulness often drives the pursuit of anti-aging solutions. But how far should we go in altering our appearances for the sake of vanity?

The Light-Dark Dilemma

Artificial light at night disrupts our natural rhythms and impacts our health. How does our exposure to light affect the aging process, and what can we do to align with our biological needs?

Farming for Vitality

The link between sustainable farming practices, ecosystem health, and human longevity is profound. How can regenerative farming contribute to our well-being and combat aging?

Challenging Traditional Norms

As we question conventional approaches to anti-aging, what new perspectives are emerging? Exploring the intersection of modern...

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The Secret to Great Results in Functional Medicine

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One of the prevalent issues in functional medicine is the anxiety and concerns that patients often experience when consulting with a functional medicine doctor. Many patients feel their worries are not being addressed promptly, raising concerns about the cost of care, excessive supplements, and frequent lab tests.

The Core Focus of Functional Medicine

Unlike traditional approaches, functional medicine emphasizes treating the root cause of health issues rather than merely adding more supplements. Addressing the root cause is vital, as failure to do so can lead to worsening symptoms and limit treatment options. The goal of functional medicine is ambitious yet achievable: aiming for a 50 to 90% improvement in patient health within 3 to 6 months. This focus on durable results ensures long-lasting benefits for patients.


Moving Beyond Traditional Billing Methods

The limitations of traditional hourly consultative fees often leave patients...

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We are not created equal.

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Embracing Individual Differences

Physical equality is a myth. Our genetic makeup and physical abilities vary greatly among individuals. Some are naturally more resilient or possess unique body compositions, which can influence performance and success.

Success Beyond Sleep

Contrary to common belief, success is not solely dependent on sleep. Look at legends like Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman, who achieved greatness despite limited sleep. Understanding outliers and the variability of results is key in the pursuit of success.

Mastering the Basics for Excellence

While some excel regardless of external factors, focusing on fundamental components like quality sleep can significantly enhance overall performance. Prioritizing quality sleep is essential for optimal health, hormone balance, and longevity.

The Impact of Modern Lifestyles

Our modern lifestyles, with constant indoor settings and fast-paced routines, pose challenges to quality sleep....

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Light Medicine of the 21st Century

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Unveiling Light Therapy

Dr. Stillman delves into the profound impact of light therapy and its emerging role as a transformative healing modality. Light, once overlooked, is now positioned as the cornerstone of modern medicine.

Discovering the Essence of Light

Embark on Kathleen's journey as she uncovers the simplicity and efficacy of light therapy through Dr. Jack Cruz. The foundational nature of light in medicine becomes evident, sparking a paradigm shift in health and wellness.

The Vital Role of Sunlight

Sunlight, particularly infrared light, emerges as a vital source of healing and mitochondrial support. Lack of sunlight exposure correlates with increased risk of chronic diseases, underscoring the importance of embracing natural light for holistic health.

Mitochondria: The Powerhouses of Health

Explore how light therapy, especially infrared light, invigorates mitochondrial function, enhancing cellular energy production. By focusing on...

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