Working out is weird?

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Unveiling the Unconventional Workouts

From enjoying unique workouts on the beach to sharing updates on platforms like YouTube and Instagram, unconventional workouts are breaking the mold. Embracing limited beach equipment and engaging in low-level manual labor, these activities offer a fresh take on traditional exercise routines.

Challenging Historical Perspective

Historically, physical activity was associated with preparing for war or similar activities. However, in today's world, our sedentary lifestyle contradicts our biological setup. It's time to shatter these preconceived notions and choose physical activity over a passive way of life.

Empowering Wellness and Independence

Engaging in physical activities is more than just a workout. It's a path to health, well-being, and independence. Avoid becoming a 'useless eater' controlled by technology and sedentary habits. Staying healthy and independent leads to freedom, while dependency can...

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Why I walked Away

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Choosing Health Over Comfort

Despite having a successful gym in Lexington and a waiting list of clients, Jim Laird realized that his indoor lifestyle was leading to health issues. His decision to prioritize his health over comfort and wealth led him to transition to an outdoor lifestyle, which significantly improved his well-being.

Retirement in Tulum and Alternative Choices

Jim explores the affordable and luxurious retirement options in Tulum, Mexico, and Florida. With retirement income, he highlights the possibility of living like a king in Tulum. Despite this, Jim decided to move to Nicaragua and started preparing to open a gym, reflecting his commitment to a purposeful and active retirement.

Navigating Unexpected Challenges

Experiencing frustration with lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations in Kentucky and coping with health challenges further motivated Jim to take a different path. After an accident, he transitioned to virtual work and...

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Test live from the beach

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Live Streaming on the Beach

I recently tested out live streaming from Grand Pacifica, Nicaragua using Streamyard's new cell phone feature. The experience was exhilarating as I captured the stunning views and shared them with my audience in real-time. The good reception made the live streaming seamless, proving that sometimes a simple 3G connection can beat the efficiency of 5G and less crowded Wi-Fi.

Ocean Fishing Adventure

Our staff outing took us to the charming Masachapa fishing village for an early morning ocean fishing trip. The thrill of getting up at 5 am and venturing into the open waters added a new dimension to our beachside escapade. The experience was not just about the catch but also about the camaraderie and the natural beauty that surrounded us.

Exploring Granada and Beyond

My impressions of Granada were enriched by comparing its offerings with the diverse landscapes and climates that Mexico has to offer. Nicaragua's...

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Your pet's health and why it matters.

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The Influence of Environment on Pet Health

The environment plays a significant role in shaping the health of our beloved pets. Jackie Jolie sheds light on the detrimental effects of artificial light and indoor living on animals, highlighting the need for a more natural lifestyle for optimal health.

Impact of Modern Lifestyle on Pets

In the modern era, our pets are exposed to various artificial elements such as light, radiation, and toxins, which can weaken their systems. Moreover, breeding and domestication trends have led to the creation of weaker species due to disrupted circadian rhythms.

Circadian Rhythm Disruption and Health Issues

Disruption of circadian rhythms in pets due to environmental factors has resulted in significant health problems, including inflammation and sensitivity. This disruption also accelerates the aging process and poses a threat to the overall well-being of animals.

Preserving Your Pet's Health: Tips and Insights...

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Go where you are treated best.

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Discovering Paradise in a New Environment

Living near the beach in Nicaragua offers a sense of freedom and relaxation that is often unattainable in the US due to the high costs. The emphasis is on living a fulfilling life without the financial burden.

Challenges of Living in Remote Areas

Living in remote areas presents challenges such as high costs and the need to adapt to the environment. For instance, the speaker hiked through a dense forest, describing the challenges of cutting paths through the jungle and the impressive land development projects of the locals.

Adapting to Change in a New Place

The speaker experiences changes in response to the new environment, enjoying interactions with local people and planning retreats. There's access to gym equipment and local workers, fostering a sense of community and opportunity for growth.

Making Deliberate Choices for Freedom and Ease

The speaker encourages making deliberate choices for more...

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The best things in life are free!

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Embracing the Free Gifts of Life

Living in the beautiful resort area on the edge of the golf course and ocean in Nicaragua, it's easy to see the allure of a retreat and the excitement of meeting new people. Despite the adjustments to the new surroundings and the warmth of the local community, one thing becomes abundantly clear - the best things in life are indeed free.

The Essential Value of Sleep and Sunlight

Two indispensable and freely available elements that play a vital role in our well-being are sleep and sunlight. In a world that often disrupts our sleep and distances us from nature, it's crucial to recognize the profound impact of these elements on our health. Adequate sleep and natural light contribute to our overall vitality, offering benefits such as improved mood, heightened focus, and strengthened immunity.

Reconnecting with Nature for Inner Harmony

The modern lifestyle tends to pull us away from the tranquility of nature,...

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Adjusting to a new culture and a new way of life

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Embracing a Laidback Culture

One of the most striking adjustments when immersing into a new culture is grappling with the slower pace of life. It's a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of a fast-paced society. In my recent travels, I found myself struggling to adapt after the trip down. However, it was intriguing to observe how locals find relief from physical issues due to the laidback lifestyle. Longer dining times and leisurely strolls are not merely cultural norms, but essential restoratives for the mind and body.

Reconnecting with Nature

During my exploration of the new culture, I couldn't help but notice the vibrant energy emanating from the children. Unlike their counterparts in the United States who are often glued to tablets and phones, kids in the new culture are more active and engage in outdoor activities. Witnessing them play and have fun outdoors, rolling around on the dirt, running on the beach, or playing soccer, was a...

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The Real Reason People Change: It's All About Perspective

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The Wakeup Call: Triggering Change

Change is often prompted by external factors, such as a health scare or sudden realization. We delve into how these pivotal moments can spark a shift in perspective.

Stress Reduction: Key to Shift Perspective

Explore how reducing stress can lead to a profound change in perspective. Real-world examples and scientific insights shed light on the transformative power of stress management.

The Great Outdoors: A Fountain of Health

Discover the significant health benefits of spending time outdoors and how it can influence a person's perspective and motivation to prioritize health.

Consequences and Motivation: Prioritizing Health

Uncover the profound impact of fear and understanding the consequences of neglecting one's health. The speaker's personal experience highlights the powerful motivating factors for prioritizing well-being.

Perspective Shift on Lifestyle Choices

Delve into how a change in environment and...

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Exciting Announcement to Kick Off the New Year

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Dr. Stillman and Jim Laird's Wellness Adventures

Dr. Stillman and Jim Laird recently embarked on an inspiring journey, taking them from Ben Greenfield's house to a polar bear plunge and even a visit to Moscow. Their travels have been a source of inspiration and have shaped their wellness coaching masterclass in unique ways.

The Power of Coaching and Accountability

The duo has revamped their wellness coaching masterclass by incorporating coaching, accountability, and a user-friendly app. By adding coaching to their medical practice, they aim to facilitate fundamental habit change and empower individuals on their wellness journey.

Navigating the Age of Misinformation with AI

With the rise of AI, there's an impending influx of misleading information. Dr. Stillman and Jim emphasize the importance of discerning the truth amidst the noise. They offer programs to help people gain clarity in a landscape flooded with competing narratives.


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So you want to make some changes. (how not to become a statistic)

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Reframing Resolutions

The New Year often brings a surge of resolutions, but they tend to lead to failure. As a gym owner, I didn't see a significant increase in business during this time, as most clients were serious, thanks to word of mouth.

Change From Within

To make lasting changes, one must focus on changing who they are, not just what they do. It's about embracing a lifestyle shift rather than a temporary fix. The initial weeks should be about exploration, trying new things, and adjusting habits.

Community and Connection

Emphasize the enjoyment of the experience and building connections within the gym community. Getting to know others in the gym creates a supportive environment and encourages return visits. Starting where you are and working on lifestyle changes is key in the journey to fitness.

Tailored Approach to Fitness

It's crucial for gyms to tailor workouts to individual needs and provide lifestyle advice. Failing to do so often...

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