The death of GPP (something has to change)

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The Shift from GPP to Specific Training

In the world of youth sports, we've observed a significant shift towards highly specific training, leaving behind the once essential concept of General Physical Preparedness (GPP). This transition has led to a concerning lack of overall fitness and athleticism among children. As a result, we're witnessing increased rates of injury and decreased performance in various sports.

Nature Deficiency and Injury Risks

Not spending enough time outdoors and engaging in natural physical activities is posing serious risks to children's physical health. Studies have linked the lack of natural play to higher rates of ACL injuries and overall decreased physical abilities in kids. It's evident that the modern lifestyle's diminishing focus on outdoor play and diverse physical activities is impacting children's physical development.

The Role of Outdoor Activities in Development

Beyond physical health, the absence of nature in children's lives is also impacting their mental abilities. Kids who don't spend enough time in nature are at a higher risk of developing anxiety and depression as adults. Embracing outdoor activities not only fosters physical fitness but also contributes to the overall well-being of children.

Diversity in Sports and Brain Development

Engaging in various sports and physical activities is crucial for the comprehensive development of children's brains. Research has shown that diversity in physical activity aids in brain learning and development, emphasizing the need for a balanced blend of play-based programs and structured sports training for kids.

The Internet's Influence and Consistency Struggles

Shifting our focus to practical challenges, the internet's inconsistency has become a hurdle in delivering effective sports training programs. To address this, it's crucial to explore and implement solutions that ensure a consistent and reliable experience, especially in areas with poor connectivity. Additionally, creating conducive office environments is pivotal for conducting high-quality interviews and maintaining consistency in training sessions.


As we wrap up, it's evident that the decline in General Physical Preparedness (GPP) and outdoor play is affecting children's physical and mental well-being, leading to increased injury risks and developmental deficiencies. Embracing diverse physical activities, play-based programs, and advocating for outdoor play are essential for fostering healthy and well-rounded youth athletes.

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