The Problem with Modern Medicine - Revealed

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The Influence of Human Nature in Healthcare

Dr. Stillman's journey sheds light on how human tendencies shape medical interactions and the need to break free from societal norms for genuine care.

Financial Priorities vs. Patient Needs

Unraveling the profit-driven motives of healthcare systems and how they compromise patient well-being for economic gains.

Therapeutic Wacka and Transactional Relationships

Exploring the primal instincts that influence medical decisions and the repercussions of a superficial doctor-patient bond.

Empowerment Through Informed Decision-Making

Guiding patients on how to navigate the maze of healthcare options by prioritizing personal values and avoiding treatment overload.

The Pitfalls of Perverse Incentives in Healthcare

Exposing the pitfalls of a system that profits from unnecessary treatments and proposing a trust-based model for authentic health management.

Revolutionizing Healthcare for Better Outcomes

Proposing efficient and ethical programs that offer substantial results while fostering genuine practitioner-patient relationships.

The Power of Health Fundamentals and Personal Connections

Emphasizing the impact of simple lifestyle habits and personal support in achieving long-term health success.

Challenges and Solutions in Membership Models

Navigating the complexities of subscription and membership healthcare models to deliver comprehensive care and ensure sustainable progress.

Empowering Patients Through Informed Consent

Highlighting the importance of transparent communication and patient involvement in healthcare decisions for improved outcomes.

Aligning Values for Effective Healthcare

Encouraging a synergistic approach between patients and practitioners to enhance healthcare experiences and results.


By understanding the flaws of modern medicine and advocating for patient-centric care, we pave the way for a more trustworthy and effective healthcare system.

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