Border Run and some crazy Statistics.

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The Nicaraguan Border Run: A Necessary Adventure

Discover the need for border runs every 90 days in Nicaragua to reset tourist visas, offering insights into the importance of VIP services for hassle-free customs processes. Understand the emphasis on self-sufficiency and supporting native populations in border security measures.

Shocking Revelations on US Revenue and Banking

Delve into the staggering statistics shared by Dr. Jack Cruz on Twitter, unveiling the top revenue earners in the US, notably commercial banking. Explore how modern medicine, pharmaceuticals, and health insurance drive significant profits, with a focus on the healthcare system's reliance on chronically ill individuals.

The Medical Industry's Profitable Paradox

Explore the paradox of high healthcare spending in the US juxtaposed with the population's overall health status. Uncover the influence of drug companies on healthcare expenditure and the implications of a system incentivized by recurring illnesses, promoting a shift towards individual health ownership.

Empowering Self-Quantification in Healthcare

Learn about Dr. Stillman's impactful sessions on self-quantification and tracking, available weekly for free. Discover the importance of decentralization in healthcare decision-making and the government's role in shaping consumer choices through food subsidies.


Navigate the complexities of border runs and US medical intricacies, highlighting the significance of individual health ownership and the need for informed decision-making in the healthcare landscape.

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