Border Run and some crazy Statistics.

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The Nicaraguan Border Run: A Necessary Adventure

Discover the need for border runs every 90 days in Nicaragua to reset tourist visas, offering insights into the importance of VIP services for hassle-free customs processes. Understand the emphasis on self-sufficiency and supporting native populations in border security measures.

Shocking Revelations on US Revenue and Banking

Delve into the staggering statistics shared by Dr. Jack Cruz on Twitter, unveiling the top revenue earners in the US, notably commercial banking. Explore how modern medicine, pharmaceuticals, and health insurance drive significant profits, with a focus on the healthcare system's reliance on chronically ill individuals.

The Medical Industry's Profitable Paradox

Explore the paradox of high healthcare spending in the US juxtaposed with the population's overall health status. Uncover the influence of drug companies on healthcare expenditure and the implications of a system...

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Adjusting to life in Nicaragua

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Exploring Active Living

In the absence of a traditional gym setup, I've had to get resourceful. From beachside yoga to using tree branches for pull-ups, my workout routine has become an exploration of creativity and adaptability. Each session is a reminder that staying active is not just about the tools but the mindset.

The Mind-Body Connection

Embarking on a lesson about mind-body medicine with Dr. Stillman has been eye-opening. We delved into the impact of past trauma on one's overall health. It's a powerful reminder that wellness is a holistic journey, not just a physical one. This has reshaped my approach to health and wellbeing.

Embracing Change and Growth

From managing emails to enrolling in a wellness coaching course, I'm navigating the transition with positivity. The challenges of adapting are met with excitement for the new opportunities. The journey of growth and personal development has been both exhilarating and...

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My daily routine in Nicaragua

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Embracing the Morning Serenity

As the sun begins to rise, I start my day with a 45-minute morning walk, immersing myself in the serene beauty of the Nicaraguan landscape. The sound of the waves crashing against the shore and the gentle embrace of the morning breeze create a tranquil setting for self-reflection and mental preparation for the day ahead.

Instagram Live on the Beach

Once I've recharged with the morning walk, I take to Instagram Live on the beach, sharing the stunning views and capturing the essence of Nicaragua's natural beauty. It's a time for connection with my audience, as we collectively appreciate the wonders of the coastal environment.

Balancing Work and Wellness

Amidst the enchanting backdrop of Nicaragua, I delve into managing tasks for the gym and personal life. This involves overseeing the gym's website, engaging in group coaching calls, and conducting team meetings. The blend of professional responsibilities against...

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