How to build resilience in yourself

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Finding Strength in Cold Weather

Cold weather can be a formidable adversary, testing our resilience both mentally and physically. For instance, Alice's restaurant in Nicaragua, with its extreme cold temperatures, provided me with an opportunity to learn how to cope with adversity and develop resilience. It's in these challenging environments that we learn valuable lessons about perseverance and strength.

Understanding Resilience vs. Endurance

Resilience is not only about enduring suffering and pain; it's about having mental fortitude, faith, and being in a good place to confront adversity head-on. The distinction lies in how we respond to challenges, with resilience enabling us to weather the storm and emerge stronger on the other side.

Prioritizing Self-Care for Peak Performance

Self-care is foundational to high performance and resilience. Challenging oneself with difficult tasks is crucial for personal growth, but its effectiveness hinges...

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Adjusting to life in Nicaragua

 Join Dr. Stillman for Q&A on Substack

Exploring Active Living

In the absence of a traditional gym setup, I've had to get resourceful. From beachside yoga to using tree branches for pull-ups, my workout routine has become an exploration of creativity and adaptability. Each session is a reminder that staying active is not just about the tools but the mindset.

The Mind-Body Connection

Embarking on a lesson about mind-body medicine with Dr. Stillman has been eye-opening. We delved into the impact of past trauma on one's overall health. It's a powerful reminder that wellness is a holistic journey, not just a physical one. This has reshaped my approach to health and wellbeing.

Embracing Change and Growth

From managing emails to enrolling in a wellness coaching course, I'm navigating the transition with positivity. The challenges of adapting are met with excitement for the new opportunities. The journey of growth and personal development has been both exhilarating and...

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