The Top 5 reasons people fail.

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Nutritional Absorption and Medication Tradeoffs

One often overlooked aspect of failure is the impact of long-term medication use on nutrition absorption. Educating ourselves about the tradeoffs of medication and its effect on our nutrition is crucial. Interacting with doctors or coaches can help us understand underlying issues and find solutions to ensure our bodies receive the necessary nutrients.

Being in Tune with Your Body

Spending time outside and being in tune with our bodies are key factors in achieving personal success. Living an outdoor life that aligns with our circadian rhythm and exposure to natural light forms the foundation of a successful life. It's essential to be present, listen to our bodies, and avoid seeking external solutions.

Adhering to Fundamentals and Avoiding Overcomplication

Failure often stems from overlooking the basic fundamentals of self-care. Walking outside, consuming adequate protein, and staying hydrated are simple yet vital aspects that we should prioritize. Additionally, understanding variability and avoiding getting stuck in a repetitive loop can enhance relaxation and facilitate a healthy balance between rest and activity.

Allowing Time for Relaxation

In our fast-paced lives, taking the time to sit quietly and unwind is crucial for our well-being. Constant stimulation and a lack of downtime can contribute to stress and hinder our chances of success. It's important to build our general work capacity and recognize that intense workouts alone may not be the best approach.

Managing Lights and Social Connections

Proper management of lights and social connections plays a significant role in our success. Managing lights at night to improve sleep quality, such as wearing blue blockers indoors after sunset, can have a positive impact. Moreover, avoiding excessive reliance on technology and prioritizing personal interaction and socialization with friends are essential for a balanced lifestyle.


To avoid failure, we need to focus on understanding our goals, capabilities, and limitations. Accepting that some people are exceptional and recognizing our own unique abilities is crucial. Moreover, we should prioritize personal growth, be present in the moment, and refrain from comparing ourselves to others. Remember, success comes from within and requires sacrifices. By incorporating these principles into our lives, we can increase our chances of achieving the success we desire.

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