Thoughts on Mold

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Mold and Health Issues

Not all health issues may be directly linked to mold, as evidenced by the improvement in alopecia during summer time due to lifestyle changes.

Simple Interventions Over Costly Renovations

Before embarking on expensive house renovations, it's advisable to try simpler interventions first.

The Transformative Power of Outdoor Activities and Diet

Engaging in outdoor activities and transitioning to a whole food diet yielded significant health improvements, emphasizing the impact of lifestyle on wellness.

Focusing on Wellness and Environmental Change

Shifting the focus from disease to wellness and environmental factors can be pivotal in enhancing overall health.

Indoor Mold Prevention

Considering environmental factors, such as sunlight and airflow, is crucial for mitigating indoor mold risks, especially given the amount of time spent indoors.

Compliance, Accountability, and Stress Management

The importance of compliance, accountability, and stress management in cultivating wellness cannot be overstated, as genuine commitment to these practices is key for success.

Wellness Amidst the Craziness

Amidst the chaos of the world, it's essential to prioritize wellness, and the Fundamentals Wellness coaching program offers valuable tools and courses to support this journey.


From understanding the impact of mold on wellness to embracing lifestyle changes and mindful environmental considerations, this blog encourages a holistic approach to health. Join us in uncovering the truth about mold and its role in fostering wellness.

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