Working with the Hard-charging female client: (interview with Alex Golodriga)

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Transitioning to Motherhood and Realigning Priorities

Alex Golodriga, having transitioned from fitness competitions to motherhood, shares her journey of balancing personal fitness with the responsibilities of being a new mom. She emphasizes the challenges of prioritizing someone else over oneself postpartum and navigating the intricacies of nutrition and training while dealing with the lack of sleep and breastfeeding. This section sheds light on the newfound appreciation and understanding gained for moms' experiences and the impactful changes it brought to her coaching approach and personal growth.

Adapting and Prioritizing Self-Care After Motherhood

The discussion continues as Alex discusses the pivotal dynamic of adapting self-care tools and experimenting with new ones in the early stages of motherhood. She elaborates on how she developed a self-care hierarchy based on return on investment, emphasizing the prioritization of critical aspects such as sleep, nourishment, and movement. Real-life experiences and relatable anecdotes bring this section to life, offering practical insights for both mothers and coaches.

Understanding and Tailoring Support for Clients' Motivations

In this section, the focus is on understanding clients' motivations and providing tailored support. Alex shares her experiences with experimenting and customizing tools to help clients fulfill their unique needs, be it through simple activities like silent walks or personalized approaches to meal preparation. The content emphasizes the importance of encouraging self-experimentation and simplifying cooking for clients, fostering a supportive and empowering coaching environment.

Nutrition, Family, and Building Healthy Habits

Bringing nutrition to the forefront, the discussion revolves around the significance of whole food sources and simple ingredient snacks for nourishing the body and teaching children about making healthy choices. Alex passionately advocates that proper nutrition leads to feeling good, underlining the importance of leading by example and establishing open communication with children to instill positive eating habits and curiosity about food.

Resilience, Recovery, and Preparing for the Future

Highlighting the challenges of recovering from surgery and navigating health struggles at home, this section illustrates the journey of resilience and patience. Alex shares her personal struggle to regain functional strength and capability post-injury while purposefully preparing her body for a healthy pregnancy. These experiences serve as a source of inspiration for others facing similar obstacles, showcasing the power of determination and strategic preparation.

Embracing Challenges for Personal Growth

Delving into the speaker’s reflections and insights from overcoming various challenges, including injuries and business failures, this section encapsulates a profound message of using hardships as opportunities for growth and learning. It emphasizes the importance of adopting a positive attitude towards life, viewing challenges as stepping stones for personal and professional development.

Sustainable Coaching and Empowering Women

Focusing on the principles of practical coaching for sustainable lifestyle changes, the content explains how clients prioritize practical and sustainable improvements over extreme goals. It delves into the significance of behavior change and sustainable recommendations to drive long-term success. Empowering women to navigate different seasons in life and providing tools for setting and achieving goals are the core themes of this section.

Making Informed Decisions and Prioritizing Needs

The concluding section navigates through the essence of understanding priorities and trade-offs with clients, encouraging them to prioritize their needs and make informed decisions. It stresses the value of making trade-offs for success, shaping a mindset that values balance and strategic decision-making for optimal outcomes.


The journey with hard-charging female clients unfurls a tapestry of resilience, nurturing, and empowerment. Through relatable stories and invaluable insights, we've gained a deeper understanding of the multifaceted experiences and the innovative strategies employed to guide clients toward holistic wellness and personal growth.

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