Working with the Hard-charging female client: (interview with Alex Golodriga)

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Transitioning to Motherhood and Realigning Priorities

Alex Golodriga, having transitioned from fitness competitions to motherhood, shares her journey of balancing personal fitness with the responsibilities of being a new mom. She emphasizes the challenges of prioritizing someone else over oneself postpartum and navigating the intricacies of nutrition and training while dealing with the lack of sleep and breastfeeding. This section sheds light on the newfound appreciation and understanding gained for moms' experiences and the impactful changes it brought to her coaching approach and personal growth.

Adapting and Prioritizing Self-Care After Motherhood

The discussion continues as Alex discusses the pivotal dynamic of adapting self-care tools and experimenting with new ones in the early stages of motherhood. She elaborates on how she developed a self-care hierarchy based on return on investment, emphasizing the prioritization of critical...

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