Don't Ignore This Crucial Inflammation Test

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The Importance of Orderful Usage

Ordering the high sensitivity CRP test without considering the patient's risk level or health condition may not yield useful information and can lead to unnecessary alarm or oversights. However, for individuals in the average to high-risk category, it serves as a wake-up call and encourages them to take proactive measures to improve their health.

Addressing Limitations

While the high sensitivity CRP test is effective for diagnosing inflammation-related conditions, it is important to recognize that food and environmental factors can influence the test results. Allergens and toxins, for example, can worsen health conditions and increase CRP levels. Therefore, it is necessary to consider these factors and their potential impact on the test findings.

Monitoring and Accountability for Long-term Health

Regular monitoring of high sensitivity CRP levels is crucial, especially for individuals at risk of inflammation...

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