How copper causes dementia and what you can do to protect yourself

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Copper Sulfate and Organic Farming

Did you know that copper sulfate, a pesticide approved for use in organic food, can lead to its accumulation in soil and waterways? This accumulation poses potential risks to both the environment and human health.

Toxic Effects of Copper Sulfate

Excessive exposure to copper sulfate, commonly used in farming and copper piping, can have detrimental effects on soil, plants, aquatic life, and even human health. Its toxicity extends to honeybees, making it a concern for biodiversity.

Copper Intake and Cognitive Health

Discover the correlation between dietary copper intake and cognitive decline. High copper intake, especially when combined with saturated fats, has been linked to an increased risk of cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease.

Nutritional Strategies to Mitigate Risks

Explore how a balanced dietary pattern, including nutrient-rich plant-based foods, nuts, tea, fish, and antioxidants, can offer...

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Can Hormone Therapy Raise Your Risk for Alzheimer’s?

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Hormone Therapy and Dementia Risk

Recent studies have actually shown that hormone therapy may lower the risk of developing dementia, especially if started in midlife. Younger women who begin hormone therapy early have a reduced risk of developing dementia. Additionally, combination therapy with estrogen and progestogen has been found to have a positive effect on dementia risk. However, it's important to note that taking combination hormone therapy after 10 years post menopause may raise the risk of developing dementia. So, the timing and duration of hormone therapy play a crucial role in its potential impact on dementia risk.

The Role of Synthetic Hormones

Some studies suggest that using synthetic hormones may actually decrease the risk of dementia. It's worth noting that the increase in dementia risk associated with hormone therapy might not be solely due to the hormones themselves, but could also be influenced by factors...

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