The Sun and Skin Cancer


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Sun's Role in the Immune System

The sun's significance in boosting the immune system cannot be overstated. Personal experiences and insights from Dr. Jack Cruz, a prominent neurosurgeon, shed light on the benefits of sun exposure in strengthening immunity and overall health. Notably, the emphasis on adopting alternative approaches to promote health challenges urges us to think outside the box.

Debunking Sun-Related Disease Narratives

Dispelling the narrative that the sun causes disease, the discourse highlights the truth about artificial light at night contributing to health repercussions. We explore the link between outdoor light at night and its association with higher breast cancer risks, urging a reconsideration of conventional beliefs.

Understanding Sun Exposure and Skin Health

Contrary to popular belief, sun exposure may not be the primary driver of skin cancer. Delving into the research, we uncover the surprising revelation...

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