Can you maintain muscle mass as you age?


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Maintaining Balance and Explosive Power as You Age

As we age, we experience a natural decline in muscle mass, balance, and explosive power. However, maintaining balance and explosive power is crucial for aging individuals to enhance mobility and overall fitness. Dr. Stillman emphasizes the importance of having a sufficient amount of muscle, not excessive muscle mass, for maintaining good muscle health. Power and strength exercises require less mobility and more compression while incorporating variability in movement strategies is essential for optimal functionality.

Physical and Mental Challenges for Vitality in Old Age

Medical advancements have greatly extended life expectancy, but this does not necessarily translate to a good quality of life. Nonetheless, engaging in physical and mental challenges like medicine ball throwing, balance exercises, juggling, or powerlifting (when done in moderation) can benefit dexterity, brain function, and help maintain a youthful appearance.

Balancing Training and Regular Movement on the Floor for Overall Health

Consistently challenging oneself in fitness activities leads to better outcomes and longevity, but pushing the body to its limits is not always the best approach. Regular floor movement can help maintain muscle mass and prevent aches in the body. Engaging in physical activities like taking walks or playing with grandkids can also have positive impacts on overall health.

Maintenance of Muscle Mass through Movement and Explosive Power

Movement and explosive power are essential in preserving muscle mass. Improving mobility and explosive power contributes to maintaining muscle mass. It's important to note that exercise programs that prioritize hypertrophy and power may not focus on mobility. Dr. Stillman will share tips on how to maintain muscle mass through movement and explosive power.

Proper Exercise Selection and Technique for Heavy Lifting

Proper exercise selection and technique is essential to prevent injuries. Dr. Stillman stresses the importance of using biomechanically efficient movements and maintaining a good position while performing overhead presses. Implementing exercises like the landmine can also improve joint movements. Working with a knowledgeable trainer ensures safe and effective exercise selection and technique.

Importance of Protein Intake from Real Food Sources

For older individuals, it's recommended to get protein from real food sources like bone broth or grass-fed beef. Isolation exercises can cause inflammation in the elbows, so Dr. Stillman recommends aiming for 0.6-0.7 grams of lean body weight per gram of protein, rotating protein powders, and aiming for 20-30 grams of protein per meal. The impact of jumping rope on bone density depends on an individual's ability to absorb force.

Individualized Exercise Programs for Optimal Results

Different exercises have various effects on the body, and walking may not be the best fit for everyone. Dr. Stillman emphasizes the importance of creating an individualized exercise program for optimal results. Basic exercises, like walking, can have benefits in certain situations, while in other cases, different exercises are recommended.

Building a Foundation through Gradual Steps

Many people forget to establish a foundation before implementing physical fitness into their daily routine and struggle with knowing when to stop. It's best to avoid jumping into extreme actions and gradually introduce healthier habits so that they become a part of your day-to-day routine.

Discipline and Consistency for Training Success

Discipline, consistency, and a focus on fundamentals are essential for training success. Ignoring instant gratification and focusing on low-level activities are crucial for preparation. People often lean towards quick results and skip necessary steps. Society often promotes instant and quick results, but long-lasting health and fitness success requires discipline and consistency.


Dr. Stillman's master classes and insights provide valuable knowledge for enhancing your health and fitness journey. Use this information to create a personalized plan that focuses on balance, explosive power, and overall health. Remember, discipline and consistency are key to achieving your goals, so start small and keep pushing yourself.


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