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The Science of Mold and Mitigation

Dr. Stillman's Master Class provides a comprehensive understanding of mold and mitigation, crucial for maintaining a healthy living environment. With real-world examples, he brings to light the impact of mold on wellness and strategies for effective mitigation.

Foundations of Wellness

Our Fundamentals of Wellness course lays the groundwork for a holistic approach to well-being. As we prioritize quality, the course is closing soon. Don't miss out on the opportunity to set a strong foundation for your wellness journey.

Navigating Supplements and Training

Unveil the myths and truths about supplements and training. From beginner basics to advanced strategies, Dr. Stillman shares insights to help you make informed decisions and maximize your wellness journey.

Cautions on Caffeine and Supplements

Understanding the effects and limitations of caffeine and energy supplements is crucial. Dr. Stillman highlights the potential pitfalls and shares guidelines to steer clear of detrimental consequences.

Influencing Behavior through Credibility

Gaining credible expertise in wellness is pivotal for influencing behavior positively. Dr. Stillman emphasizes the importance of credibility in delivering messages that promote long-lasting wellness habits.

Nurturing Positive Habits in Children

Empower children with praise for their effort and encourage outdoor activities to foster a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Stillman advocates for a well-rounded approach to nurturing children's well-being.


As we wrap up, remember to prioritize credible information, make informed choices on supplements, and foster positive habits for wellness. Join us for our upcoming events and courses to elevate your wellness journey!

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