MTHFR Myths and Legends

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The Truth About MTHFR Gene Mutations

MTHFR mutations can impact detoxification and cellular energy generation due to metabolic backups, but their effect on overall mortality is minimal. Studies show conflicting results, with homocysteine emerging as a more reliable health marker with stronger mortality associations.

Myths vs. Reality of MTHFR Genotype

Contrary to popular belief, MTHFR genotype alone has little effect on mortality rates. However, it does significantly modify the total homocysteine mortality association. Clinical cases like Dana White's showcase higher homocysteine levels due to an MTHFR mutation, shedding light on its impact.

Contextualizing MTHFR Mutations

It's vital to consider MTHFR mutations in a broader clinical context. Clinical outcomes may not solely depend on supplements and genetic testing as publication bias can distort scientific findings and companies may misuse the scientific method for their products.

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