Light Medicine of the 21st Century

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Unveiling Light Therapy

Dr. Stillman delves into the profound impact of light therapy and its emerging role as a transformative healing modality. Light, once overlooked, is now positioned as the cornerstone of modern medicine.

Discovering the Essence of Light

Embark on Kathleen's journey as she uncovers the simplicity and efficacy of light therapy through Dr. Jack Cruz. The foundational nature of light in medicine becomes evident, sparking a paradigm shift in health and wellness.

The Vital Role of Sunlight

Sunlight, particularly infrared light, emerges as a vital source of healing and mitochondrial support. Lack of sunlight exposure correlates with increased risk of chronic diseases, underscoring the importance of embracing natural light for holistic health.

Mitochondria: The Powerhouses of Health

Explore how light therapy, especially infrared light, invigorates mitochondrial function, enhancing cellular energy production. By focusing on...

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Before you try stem cell injections - look at this research...

 Join Dr. Stillman for Q&A on Substack

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The Fundamentals of Stem Cell Therapies

Stem cell therapy is increasingly used to treat pain and orthopedic issues. However, many misconceptions exist about how stem cells are utilized in these treatments. It's important to understand the optimized biomechanics and how they play a crucial role in avoiding joint and body issues. Unusual wear patterns on the body may indicate poor biomechanics, which can be improved through efficient workouts and exercise selection.

The Importance of Optimizing Biomechanics

Optimized biomechanics are crucial for better results in stem cell therapy. Before considering surgeries or procedures, it is essential to optimize your biomechanics. Many people overlook simple factors that can improve their health and wellness. By focusing on exercise and the factors that affect our physiology, diet, and daily routine, we can ensure a solid foundation for successful...

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