Unveiling the Truth About Must-Have Supplements (MMM)




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The Importance of Getting Nutrients from Food:

- Majority of nutrients should come from food sources.
- Not everyone requires supplementation.
- Supplements should be used selectively and based on individual needs.

Dietary Mistakes Regarding Supplements:

- Taking supplements without considering necessary nutrients from food.
- Recommended top 10 supplements by Dr. Stillman.
- Importance of monitoring response and markers when using supplements.
- Avoiding overconsumption and unnecessary supplementation.

Vitamin D Supplementation and its Effects:

- Reduction in the risk of cancer death with vitamin D supplementation.
- Association of vitamin D supplementation with all-cause mortality.
- The significance of sunlight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
- Exploring melatonin as another beneficial supplement, especially as we age.

Melatonin Supplementation:

- The potential lifespan extension in invertebrates with exogenous...

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