Does the type of water I drink matter ?

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The Downsides of Tap Water

Tap water, while easily accessible, may contain fluoride and other harmful substances. Fluoride, in particular, has been linked to various health issues. Additionally, municipal water supplies are not focused on delivering high-quality water, which can further compromise our health.

The Impact of Energy Drinks and Soda

Contrary to popular belief, energy drinks and soda are not ideal for hydration. In fact, they can dehydrate you further. While they may temporarily quench your thirst, they do not provide the necessary hydration your body needs.

The Top Options for Drinking Water

When it comes to choosing the best water for your health, two options stand out: reverse osmosis filtered water and spring water. Reverse osmosis filtered water requires remineralization to restore essential minerals. On the other hand, spring water is often recommended due to concerns about the effects of microwaves on water from...

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