The B-6 Paradox: Debunking Common Misconceptions

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Understanding the Different Forms of Vitamin B6

Before we delve into the paradox, it's important to understand the different forms of vitamin B6. The active form, known as p5p or PLP, is crucial for various functions in the body. However, synthetic forms of B6, such as paradoxine, have been questioned for their effectiveness. The truth is that paradoxine exists in different conformers in nature, making it viable for clinical use. Both paradoxine HCL and paradoxine 5 phosphate can yield positive clinical outcomes.

Addressing Concerns about Synthetic B6 Supplements

Some individuals claim to have experienced harm from synthetic B6 supplements like paradoxine or paradoxine HCL. However, it's important to recognize that misleading posts can create a negative perception of clinicians who prescribe these supplements. Additionally, supplementation with high doses of pyridoxine (greater than 50 milligrams per day) for extended periods may be...

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