Heavy Metals: A Hidden Cause of Modern Diseases

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The Neglect of Investigating Heavy Metals in Medicine

The training of doctors and biases in medical science contribute to the neglect of investigating heavy metals and their connection to chronic diseases. This negligence has led to a scarcity of good information on metals and their detoxification solutions.

The Deadly Effects of Heavy Metals

Heavy metals are highly toxic and can cause serious harm to the body. Their absorption, particularly substances like mercury, can quickly lead to death. Additionally, metals can disrupt important physiological processes by mimicking minerals and entering the body through similar mechanisms as other elements.

The Role of Enzymes and Chelating Agents

Enzymes and systems in the body play a crucial role in controlling and absorbing divalent metals like zinc and cadmium. In medicine, chelating agents are used to grab and remove heavy metals from the body. However, mistakes can occur when the wrong...

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